Saturday, September 29, 2007

Music or No Music?

I read a post by a very successful blogger that said she did not like music on a blog. I certainly don't want to offend anyone so my question to you is, should I get rid of the music playing here? I know this is not a "high-traffic" blog, so to the 2 or 3 who might read this every once in a while, (and anyone else who might stumble upon this message) what do you think?

Hmmmmm, never thought about this before.



Patty Bennett said...

I think your music is lovely! I say keep it! I have found some songs I had not heard before just by visiting blogs with music on them.

Jennifer said...

Honestly, I can not hear it, so go right ahead! LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

JUST SAYING HELLO!!!!! :D Hope all is well!!!!!!! BIG HUGS!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi - never heard of music on a blog before - as I always have my speakers turned off!! (unless I click on a link to music/youtube etc.) So - you have opened up a whole new world of music to me!
I think it is lovely listening to music instead of being all quiet in my room whilst surfing. Your music is lovely - please keep it!

ronee said...

i think music is a simple way to share part of your personality. heck it is your whatever makes you smile!