Thursday, June 7, 2007

Introducing my son...Kevin

As I said in "about me" I have a wonderful son, Kevin. He is a music major/history minor at Oklahoma Panhandle State University. I think he is an awesome guitar player/piano player/saxophone player/singer. I know, I am extremely prejudiced. But anyway, since his primary instrument is guitar, he has to pass a "forum performance" before advancing to the next semester. Forum is where he has to play something before a panel of judges. "Kevin's Forum Performance" in the sidebar is a link to one of these. If you can tolerate bluesy/rock guitar stuff, I would love for you to hear him play.
ETA: I just realized I could do this, so HERE it is.
Ok, I will stop bragging now.

My computer is all set up and ready to go. However, it is now 10:24 p.m. so I don't think I will get anything scanned tonight, but I am going to have pictures soon! LOL
Good night...hope you have a great one.

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Jennifer said...

How can you stop talking about your son! I blabber about my girls to anyone that will listen and even some to those that don't want to but I have them cornered~LOL!!!
Sounds good to me